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NanoPLC Module MAC00-R4

NanoPLC Module MAC00-R3

NanoPLC Module MAC00-R1 from JVL

High Speed Serial RS485 Module MAC00-FS1

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AMETEK MAE motors are designed and produced to achieve the highest quality and performance levels, meeting long term repeatability and reliability required in the most demanding applications. 

MAE started to produce the first Nema 34 stepper motor in 1974. Our current product offering range from Nema 16 up to Nema 42, with holding torque (bipolar) from 0,11 Nm up to 15 Nn. Our motors offer high torque optimized for micro stepping operation.

Our main main markets Medical, Instrumentation, Textile and Industrial Automation.

We also offer Synchronous motors in step case with Voltage 220 Vac 50 or 60 Hz and Speed 60 or 72 RPM depending on the frequency.  The motors range from 87 mm dia. (Nema 34) up to 108 mm dia. (Nema 42)  and are capable of maximum torque from 0,95 Nm up to 8,5 Nm.
You can find these motors in printing machines (Drum regulation), Conveyor belts for example.

HY 200 4288 0890

HY 200 4270 0900

HY 200 4270 0710

HY 200 4270 0340

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